:-:DARWIN:-: (darwiniantheory) wrote in artisticawards,


Working on some christmas card deisgns to send to friends this year... I HATE having to buy cards and this is a lil cheaper too.

MORE in my LJ if your bored

OK.... its a simple gag idea, but it works so what the heck!

Trust me a LOT of snowman toons have alreday been done.... Christmas is a pretty regular thing ya'know.

This SHOULD be slightly diff' from the others you get on cards though.

Trying to get character into some snow is not that easy.... without it looking just CUTE and well.. like all the other snowmen pictures on the damn planet!

WELL... this is my attempt.

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I thank you for your post and your picture but I just need more people to join and judges then I can start judging.
Thats OK:) Just like posting the pics:) heehee
Thats fine. I just wish more people would join.
I am sure they will.

I will make sure of it..!

Have seen a couple of communities fail alas...

One Cartoonist Hole wasa getting along, then just dropped off...

the entire site was filled by ME...he hee

so not a total loss I guess...If you like my stuff that is!
yea when i get a chance i should post my own stuff, ha. i have a site, i dunno if u went to it. it isn't ne thing special at all and not my best work. just bull crap stuff.
oooh got a linkie?
It should be posted in my info.
Nice lil site:)

You like your Digital Images then huh:)

One good thing I found was get a digicam and take LOADS AND LOADS of pics of clouds ... the amopunt of pics you can take that end up having ni sky or dull sky is daft.. very handy is a good cloud background for skys:)

What Art Program do you use btw?
I hate my digi cam. It's a piece of poop. I got it for free so I'm not complaining.

I have one picture of clouds. i was in a airplane when I took them, ha!

I use Photoshop. I been using that for many years now. I've tried Paintshop (I think that is what it's called) but I never got into it.
Me is a PSP7 user.... never got into Adobe!lol
I think I am on Digicam number 5 now..... had so many I loose track, finally got one with a flash and decent memory:) YAY:)

Sorry to hear you dont like yours though... camsd should be liked by everyone.... not one of those scary lil Esprit ones is it? I got one a while back and then found you get it FREE with most pc's nowadays?

It's a "cool cam" and it's orange.
Coolicam... got their MP3 player.. had the one that plugs into the tv of theirs... was HORRIBLE nasty thing!... batteries died after 3 shots, also had a mini cam of theiors a year or so ago.. took it back STRAIT AWAY!
I just keep mine plugged in my computer....it was free so i dont give a crap.
Good attitude lol:)

Anyhoosle, 4:20am here so better be off:)

Nice nattering with you:)

Have a good night:)

Hope you get a cam you can be proud of soon:)

Hugz n stuff like that.

Darwin and Jassie
You dont like your stuff??

LIKEWISE.... Mine annoys me... I do a nice piccy, then get a better idea or do something better a day later and I hate the last one!

Best way to judge things is posty it and see what the public opinion is!

It works too.,... My Guins have a world following from Australia, usa thriough to the Chech republic.... personally I canbt stand them


Shuuush dont tell people:)

SOooo post yer pics:)
I never said I didn't like my stuff? I do, I do. That reminds me....I have to make something for my friend for X-mas.
I feel bad now LOL......

he heee

What yer making ?
Some colloge thing.