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artisticawards's Journal

Artistic Awards
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Welcome to Artistic Awards! This journal is for people who are very talented at art and want to share their work. This is a new site so please join and tell your friends. If you would like to help out and be a judge please e mail me at Justaphase82@yahoo.com . Here are a few things you should know...

-Live Journal//
Info: I don't mean a typed info, something that you created and posted yourself.
Layout: Did you create your background your self?
Icons: Must have at least 3 icons that you made and to show.
Original Mood Theme: Your own theme, not LJ's.

Photographs: Any sort of picture will do. Superimposed ones are the best!
Hand Drawn: No explination needed.
Computer Graphics: Obviously has to be done from the computer. This is my major so make me happy!
Peronal Website: This is your personal site that you created.

1. Absolutly no stolen work: If I found out work has been stolen (or have any complaints), you will be giving a warning and will not be nominated for that week.
2. Do not vote for no more than 3 people a week. Any more then 3 will not be counted for. There are to many people to keep track.
3. Do not vote for your self: It is not fair to others. Everyone deserves to get a chance.
6. If there are pictures that are rather large, please use an LJ-Cut.
5. Nominations are due that Friday (if possiable) and winners will be posted by Sunday. All winners will recieve an "award icon".
6. All nominations at the end of the week will be sent to the judges e-mail so we can decide.
7. This is a fun community to please no hate or harrassing others.
8. Everyone is welcome to this community.
9. If you would like to become a judge, please e-mail me at Justaphase82@yahoo.com
10. HAVE FUN!! :)